When is Nowy Friends useful?

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At the pub

Remember the last time you went out to a pub, and you bumped into some old friends who were in the same pub, by chance. How fun was catching up over a drink?

It would be so great to know if some friends are, by chance, in the same pub. Current friend-locating apps don't work in pubs: bad Internet and GPS coverage. But Nowy Friends does.

Nowy Friends works anywhere, because it doesn't use Internet nor GPS.

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You're out shopping, you try on a new pair of jeans, and but are in doubt whether they look good on you or not.

Then Nowy Friends notifies you that a friend is nearby, you meet them, and you get great feedback.

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Grocery shopping

You're planning dinner and are out to do the grocery shopping. You're busy picking up the freshest tomatoes, the best steak meat.

Then Nowy Friends notifies you that a friend is nearby, you meet them, and go to eat out together.

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It's Saturday morning, you're on the train, going to visit a nearby beach you heard is beautiful.

Then Nowy Friends notifies you that a friend is nearby, you meet them, and you have a new travel companion.

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You're at the best festival of the summer, your favorite band is playing. You'd want to share this moment with all your friends.

Then Nowy Friends notifies you that a friend you didn't know came is nearby, and he's also a fan of the band, you meet him, and you sing together each song.

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On your commute

When you get in the metro or bus in the morning, you look around to see if any of your friends are in the same carriage as you, because you'd prefer spending your ride chatting with them.

Unfortunately, you cannot see everyone in the metro, so you may miss seeing your friends. And when you later find out that a friend was sharing the same ride as you, you may feel regretful you missed this opportunity.

Nowy Friends is like improved eyesight: it helps you see which of your friends are nearby.

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On the street

You like hanging out with friends, whether it's planned or as a happy coincidence. And when it's by chance, it has a special flavor to it.

Imagine you're taking a walk, have your headphones on, and look at the scenery. How sad would it be if your friend was nearby, on the same street, doing the same thing. You'd probably not see each other.

Nowy Friends automatically notifies you when a friend is nearby.

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At a party

The more friends are at a party, the more fun the party is.

While at a party, you spend your time having fun, not constantly checking if your friends arrived. So, you may miss seeing them and miss partying with them.

Nowy Friends automatically notifies you when a friend shows up.

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Give back a book

You don't like forgetting things related to friends. It makes you feel frustrated and seem bad friends.

Imagine Jamie lent you his book and you want to give it back, so you put the book in your backpack. But, when you see Jamie, you forget to give it to him.

Nowy Friends has friend-based reminders. They're like other reminders, but show up when you meet your friend, regardless of where and when. So now, you can set up a reminder that says "Give back his book." and it will show up when you meet Jamie, be it in the metro, at school, or in the street.

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